Refund and Returns Policy

Refunds & Returns

Our return policy allows for item returns and your choice of a full refund or replacement item. 

You may want to return your order due to any of the following reasons:

DamagedThe product is damaged in delivery
DefectiveThe product does not function as described in its manufacturer specification
Missing items Missing items as indicated in the packaging
Website errorThe product does not match website specifications, description, or image (this issue is attributable to a website error or misinformation)

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, the general requirements for returns are as follows:

✓ Returned item must be shipped back to us within fourteen (2) calendar days. Countdown starts from the date you received the item to the post stamp stated on the parcel you return to us.

✓ You have proof of purchase (order number, buying invoice, delivery note or bank statement).

✓ The goods must be in new condition and returned in the original packaging.

✓ The product must not have been used or installed.

✓ All sealed items must not be opened.

Item after 2 days upon receipt:

Your item cannot be returned after 2 days upon receipt, it can only be serviced. 




Return shipment cost

free of charged


How long does it take to replace my item?

Replacement process begins after we have completed evaluating your returned product. This quality evaluation process may take up to 2 working days. We will send you a message or call once completed.

Please expect to receive your replacement within the following time frame:

• Klang Valley: 1 to 3 working days



Website error

From time to time there may be errors on our website such as wrong pricing, wrong descriptions and offers for products that are not available or are no longer available. Despite anything else in these Terms, to the extent legally permitted, we may decline or cancel any orders that are affected by the error, even if the order has been confirmed and a credit card charged. If your credit card is charged for the purchase and we cancel the order, we will notify you and credit your credit card account for the amount charged.